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The Americas remain an area of huge growth potential for the wind energy markets and InDepth NRG is continuing its drive to bring its readership the latest news on developments and projects in the area.

The American continents play host to some of the wind energy’s leading companies such a GE, and globally recognised brands such as Google and Amazon are committed to their own wind energy projects as part of their corporate commitment to environmentally sustainable trading. The US in particular is second only to China in its pursuit of green energy supply, with a huge installed capacity of over 75GW, primarily in onshore wind farms. Somewhat surprisingly given its roots in oil and gas, Texas leads the nation as the state with the highest wind energy output at about 18GW. With traditional fossil fuel companies looking at developing their own wind energy assets, Texas may well reflect a trend towards an embracive energy industry as opposed to a polarised market place where power generation is populated by isolated special interest groups. Although national level politics is an influencing factor on the success of wind projects, State level legislature is driving forward new projects and the most recent Block Island wind farm reflects the US’ new found taste for offshore wind too.

Canada has long held an interest in renewable technologies and with is more recent MOU for a trilateral energy agreement with both the US and Mexico, the three countries are looking at expanding on existing energy sharing systems to create a genuine North American power grid.

InDepth NRG was proud to be an early reporter on the Block Island project and will continue to bring news to its readership on the latest developments in the North American wind energy markets.

Further south, companies such as Acciona are supporting wind energy initiatives in Mexico, in Costa Rica and more recently in Chile where the company has been awarded a significant contract for the Araucania region to be completed for 2022. GE has been working within Brazil to develop wind energy as a safeguard against the loss of power generation through hydroelectricity should the country suffer another significant drought.

In Argentina, new legislation has opened the door to the potential of a massive investment in wind energy projects and the country has mooted a figure of 10GW in capacity. Wind power has the potential to address the country’s energy concerns and at affordable price tag with no associated pollution concerns. By staying at the forefront of new developments in growth regions, InDepth NRG delivers content and news to keep its readers informed and provides them with their own genuine opportunities for growth and new business.